Friday, April 16, 2010

Trying New Things, Challenging Others to Do the Same

There's nothing wrong with challenging yourself mentally and physically in life, today I found a way to do that.

I'm starting to work on a four week series for May sweeps at my station.

It's called "Shape up for Summer," and it involves four totally different exercises for people to try who want to be able to slip on a swimsuit and feel good about it.

The first segment that will run is on Bikram Yoga or what people call "Hot Yoga."

Yes, I had tried this before at my first job back in Bend, OR but I didn't get a chance to do all the poses because I had to shoot the whole thing myself.

But thanks to my awesome helper, Vince (my camera guy), I was able to take my first 90 minute class this afternoon in Downtown Missoula.

I consider myself pretty athletic, but when I required to do 26 poses in a room that was 105 degrees, I definitely felt out of my element, and that is a good thing!

There were plenty of times today during the class where my mind was telling me you can't do it just give up, but I knew my body had something more to give, that's the beauty of this type of yoga, you challenge the body and mind together.

One thing that I have learned the last six years of my life is never give up on anything, I haven't done that with my career and I think that carries over to other parts of my life as well.

After class I interviewed several people who I took the class with, some had been doing it for just a couple months others for years.

Some of them were young, some a little older, there was even a tough little 10 year old boy who impressed me with his strength!

At the end of my time at the studio today, I had to shoot a stand up talking about my experience and how I felt after it with my sweaty hair matted to my face, not touching up one part of my face I expressed exactly what I felt...and somewhere in there I found myself saying I was coming back to challenge my mind and body again, so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Bikram Yoga, a new addition to the lists of challenges in my life...what's yours?

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